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The current monthly rate is $75 per person.  If you are contemplating joining hurry before the July 1st price increase.  Everyone is always grandfathered in at current rate.  New rate will be $99 per person.  Student and military discount 20%.


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We are now 8600 square feet of pure awesomeness!!  Come check out the months of hard work by our staff and AWESOME volunteers in the 5000 square foot expansion.


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Im working on a monthly news letter . Plan is it will be sent to the email that you gave me at time of sign ups. However in the meantime I would love your feedback. Please email me anything (good or bad) to let us know how we are doing or things you wanna see happen or change. My email is callahanperformance@gmail.com I really do want to hear everything so don’t be shy!!

CrossFit Games 2013

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The games are upon us. Do you have what it takes to make it to regionals? Do you just want to do the same workout as Rich Froning and compare how “close” you are to beating him? Do you workout at a “globo” or home gym and need a place to be judged?

Many boxes in town are having large set workouts with set times for you to compete, how ever what if life happens?

Well hello Mr. Open Gym ;). After the workout of the week is released (Wednesdays) you can come at your leisure when we are open and do the Games WOD, and be officially judged. It will be a $10 drop in fee for nonmembers. If you need me to be open extra hours (other than our normal set business hours) its a $20 drop in fee, and you must set up a time with me on email or text. For “after hours” appointments I will pre charge you. Pretty fair I think =).

Rock on!!

Trap fav!

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A must do!!

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